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Virtual Group Instruction Course language: English
  Period: 16 weeks Start date: 12.10.2015
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Total cost: € 610,00
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Virtual Group Instruction

Refresher language course | CEF A2.2 | Berlitz level 2

If you have a busy schedule or you travel often, then consider the Virtual Group Instruction course offered by Berlitz. It is a convenient way to participate in group lessons with a native speaker trainer without having to attend courses in a specific location. In the Berlitz Virtual Classrooms you work with a competent Berlitz trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and professional language goals. Group sizes are optimized and limited to 3-5 participants. All you need to get to class is an internet connection!

Benefits of our Virtual Group courses

  • Open groups of 3-5 participants
  • More flexible schedule and no travel time and costs
  • Qualified native speaker instructors, trained to use the Berlitz Method®
  • Lessons can be repeated at any time thanks to the record function
Virtual Group Instruction

Ongoing evaluation and measurement of goal-achievement

The Virtual Group Instruction gives you access to a wide variety of materials compiled by our specialists. Progress checks and interim reports allow you to monitor your progress throughout the course and a final examination tracks and measures the achievement of your goals. You can re-watch recorded lessons and use your course materials at any time so you continue pursuing your goals even when you are not logged into the virtual classroom. Berlitz works with you to determine the best course configuration based on your current level and time limitations.

Developing basic skills

If you already possess good skills, e.g. several years of school lessons in the desired language, then this course will reactivate and expand your basic vocabulary and practice grammatical structures.

Using typical situations from everyday life, working life or travel, our native-speaker instructors will motivate you to speak as much as possible, with the aim of holding simple conversations independently, requesting information and gaining renewed confidence in communicating.

Monday 18:45 - 21:00

Berlitz Level 1 | CEF Level A 1

You can make yourself understood in simple everyday situations.

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Berlitz Level 2 | CEF Level A 2.1 

You are able to hold simple conversations in at least one of the present, past, or future tenses.

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