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Be taught by the best

The Berlitz instructors for languages and global leadership trainings

Having made your way through the school system as a child, you know first hand that a great teacher is crucial to any subject matter. Berlitz takes the selection of its trainers seriously, ensuring they have the knowledge and capability to effectively and quickly teach you what you need to know to take your language skills to the next level. Of course, using high-quality materials in language classes is also of the utmost importance, and Berlitz works to provide its trainers with only the best materials designed with you in mind.

A brief overview of the quality of the trainers and materials in all of the classes:
  • Native speakers with teaching experience
  • Instructors with business experience for our business-oriented classes
  • Ongoing monitoring of the quality of teaching in each classroom
  • Continuous training in didactics and teaching methodology
  • Maximum relevance of materials used to practice during language training
  • Learning plans based on the most current research in the field
A look into the world of the Berlitz language instructors

As you can see, a lot of work goes into guaranteeing the competence of Berlitz trainers and the thoroughness and applicability of course content. This is because Berlitz only succeeds when you succeed, and only the best trainers and course materials can help you achieve your goals. Rest assured that when you sign up for Berlitz language classes, you trainers are the cream of the crop, working with materials designed to maximize your learning experience. In a setting like this, staying motivated has never been easier!