• Learn a language in natural way with the Berlitz Method®

Immersed from the very beginning

The Berlitz Method®

At the heart of all language training with Berlitz instructors lies the Berlitz Method®, a delightfully effective method designed to immerse you in your target language from day one. From the very onset you spend a significant amount of time speaking the language you are learning, helping you quickly gain confidence in your ability to communicate. Moreover, the Berlitz Method® takes into account your personal goals, ensuring a customized learning experience that is second to none.

Key aspects of the Berlitz Method®:

  • Immersion in the language
    Immersing you in your new language and the corresponding culture enables you to quickly acclimate to your new language.
  • Tailor-made course content
    Instructors choose your course content based on your personal goals and background, ensuring language skills that are practical in your daily and professional life.
  • High percentage of speaking time
    The vast majority of your time with your Berlitz trainer is spent speaking your target language, increasing the rate at which you absorb the language and reducing inhibitions.
  • Targeted learning
    Berlitz trainers find a suitable balance between improving your fluency and developing your accuracy of expression.
  • Intuitive grammar
    Instead of focusing on grammar worksheets, Berlitz trainers instill an intuitive sense of your target language's grammar through speaking.
  • Appropriate learning
    Berlitz trainers use the tools that correspond to the way that you learn best, significantly boosting your ability to improve upon your language skills.

Each of these aspects of the method greatly contributes to an increased level of proficiency in your target language. Whether you sign up for a course at a Berlitz language center, request a trainer who comes to your office or work with an instructor in the privacy of your own home, the Berlitz Method® serves as the backbone of teaching philosophy that will sustain your motivation and see you successfully speaking your target language faster than you thought possible.