Get ready for the Cambridge exam

The Berlitz exam preparation courses help you gain confidence in your abilities

Do you want to ensure that your children have the confidence they need to pass their high school language exams? Berlitz offers fun and effective exam preparation courses that help your children feel secure in their level of proficiency. Our motivated native speaker trainers are accustomed to working with children and young adults and thus know how to engage their minds and teach them a language without the lesson feeling like class. Rest assured that your children will be as prepared as can be with the help of Berlitz trainers.

Get ready for the future
  • Learn in group or individual instructions
  • Up-to-date and relevant course materials
  • Specially trained native speaker trainers

Training tailored to your needs

And it is not only confidence with their language skills that your children will learn in the Berlitz exam preparation course; young students also begin to feel confident in their ability to pursue further education, preparing them for the challenges they will face at the university level.

Whether you opt for the group or individual option, the course materials are selected for your child, motivating them to continue learning using topics that interest them in their native tongue and in their daily lives. In both cases your teenager will be immersed in the target language throughout the lesson, focusing their young minds on absorbing the grammar and vocabulary while speaking the language with the trainer and, if applicable, with other group participants.

The future is now

The youth are the adults of tomorrow, and Berlitz believes the best way to prepare them for their futures is to give them the confidence they need to communicate with others. Thus, preparation for the Cambridge exam or other exams is about more than just getting your children ready for an exam: it's about preparing them to enter the "real" world with their heads held high, secure in their own strengths and abilities.

Contact your local Berlitz center for more information about exam preparation courses for children and teenagers.