• Learn at your own pace - Private Instruction - General English

    One of the quickest ways to see lasting results when learning a new language is to take one-on-one courses with a personal instructor. Berlitz offers you all the benefits of the Berlitz Method® and the advantages of working with your own personal language trainer in its Individual Instruction course. The major advantage of this type of course is that you are the only student, so you will learn at you own pace. The instruction can be customized to accommodate your business and/or social needs. With this type of course you have the choice of a full-day or half-day courses.

    The benefits of Private Instruction at a glance
    • 20 or 30 lessons per week
    • Starting every Monday of the week
    • Minimum of 1 week
    • Minimum age 16
    • Ideal for students who would like to work at their own pace and have specific requirements
    • Normal Schedule is Monday to Friday 08:45-12:00 (including 15 minutes break) and 12.45- 14.00 (for full-day courses)

    Berlitz believes that the most effective way to teach you your target language is to immersion, cutting through your inhibitions and getting you to speak at least 50% of the time. Over a century of experience has shown just how efficiently you can learn a new language or improve upon existing skills. What's more, Berlitz trainers select course material based on your stated goals. This ensures that you learn to speak in a setting that resembles your real-world experiences, giving you the confidence you need to speak your new language outside of your lessons.