Learn a language online with Berlitz

Individual instruction with a language trainer is a highly effective way to learn a new language or improve upon existing skills. Couple that individual instruction with the internet, and you get the highly flexible Virtual Individual Instruction offered by Berlitz. All you have to do to attend your one-on-one course with your Berlitz trainer is log on via the internet, making this a flexible, valuable option for those with business obligations that require lots of travel.

The benefits of Berlitz Virtual Individual Instruction at a glance:
  • Live lessons from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Intense, one-on-one language course
  • Fast, effective learning of your target language
  • Full flexibility in terms of lesson schedule and course duration
  • Available for all language levels

The Virtual Individual Instruction course is designed with one person in mind: you. Berlitz works with you to ensure that your lessons fit into your schedule, and you determine how long your course will run. What's more, Berlitz trainers design the content around your personal and professional goals, using course materials that are relevant to your specific industry and to your stated language goals.

Each lesson your trainer will immerse you in your target language, helping you gain the confidence you need to speak the language outside of your virtual "classroom". The immersion aspect of the Berlitz Method® ensures rapid results no matter what level of proficiency you start at.

What're more, the ability to attend class virtually means you can get to class from anywhere in the world. This high degree of flexibility allows you to pursue your language goals even with the most demanding itinerary. Working online with a competent Berlitz trainer toward goals you yourself have defined, in no time at all you will see vast improvements in your fluency.

Get in touch with your local Berlitz center to find out more about learning a language online with Virtual Individual Instruction.